Meet Me Accessibly – A Guide to Zoom Cloud Meetings


Johnathon Mosen has made his book on using Zoom free. It is a very comprehensive overview of using the service. It is a recording so   one hears Johnathan using JAWS as he navigates the interface.

I wish there had also been a text file so that it would be possible to add notes as you read, but a super place to get started.


I purchased Zoom Professional and will be using the introduction as I start to use it.


The link is


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It is very very accessible. Iv'e used it to teach class, etc. I love it. I've also used it to hold meetings in an organization I help to run. Ok, I'm just a secretary over there but I love to organize people.

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On 28 Mar 2020, at 13:02, Ibrahim Abedrabbo wrote:

Hello folks,

This week I will be switching to distant teaching.  I will be using zoom to meet with my students and give my lectures.

How accessible is Zoom with NVDA?

Do I need to install a special addon to use zoom efficiently on my laptop?

I know that zoom is very accessible on iOS and Android, but I am not familiar with its functionality with windows and NVDA

Thanks in advance for your ideas.





Richard Kuzma

The book is by Jonathan Mozen – not sure if I spelled his name correctly or not,

It is very good but uses JAWS instead of nvda, but the content should lend itself to NVDA.


Here is the link to his page for info on the book and to download it.

It is very well done as I have listened to most of it.




Thanks and good luck,



First, I would like to thank everyone who has posted the link to Jonathan Mosen's blog page where the noted audio book can be downloaded:

The direct download link for the book is:  Download Meet Me Accessibly free

For those who may not have JAWS 2019 or later, and may want to use Zoom with JAWS instead of or in addition to NVDA, there were JAWS scripts written for earlier versions of JAWS, downloadable from:   Download the free JAWS scripts

A great deal of additional detail can be found on Mr. Mosen's blog page, and I suggest folks have a read through it.

I am also asking that no more messages in regard to this audio book be posted.  This territory has been covered, many times, over the last several weeks.  The information is available on the group archive, and those who need it later should be searching the group archive for it.  Searching the NVDA Group Archive

Discussions about actually using Zoom are best conducted on the NVDA Chat Subgroup.

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