locked Commenting without reading threads #adminnotice

Nimer Jaber

Hello everyone,

I am requesting that everyone take a look at https://nvda.groups.io/g/nvda/topic/questions/73161884?p=,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,73161884 as an example of what happens when users do not read threads entirely before responding. There are many further examples like it. In particular, please pay attention to messages sent by Gene. 

Please, I am urging every user to read messages in their entirety before responding. Using threaded view is a great tool for helping out with this. Using the web version is also great for this. If you choose not to use threaded view or the web version, please make certain you have read to each message in the thread before responding.

Why is this important? There are many users on this list, and there is simply no reason to get multiple responses to a thread saying essentially the same thing just because a user won't bother reading through a thread before responding. Receiving many emails has an impact on individuals from regions of the world where bandwidth matters. It also makes going through emails more time-consuming, and makes threads longer in the archives when users must go through threads saying the exact same thing.

Finally, if you don't know the answer to a question, please, please refrain from answering to say that you don't know, google it, etc etc. These kinds of messages are another example of extraneous messages that don't need to make it to the list. It's fine if you don't know, but there is no reason to respond if you don't.

This thread will immediately be locked, If you have comments on this message, or any other topic, please send your thoughts to nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io and we can discuss further.


Nimer Jaber

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criminal charges. I have checked this email and all corresponding
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up to you. Thanks.

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