Sharing my configured Miranda NG.


I had the old EXE file, which was a zip, of the old blind version of Miranda NG. So, what I did is install the old blind version, updated everything, removed some useless things like flashing icons, changed a few settings so chats are in separate windows rather than one multi tabbed window, gotten rid of that extremely nonsensical weather plugin, gotten rid of that weird splash screen plugin, installed the speak plugin and configured it with a custom message, made it so that it reads all incoming chat using SAPI 5.

Note that the speak plugin won't read chat rooms, just single chat sessions.

I decided to have a little fun. When you open the Miranda NG for the first time, it should speak, Robert Kingett is exceedingly handsome.

Have fun! If someone could host this long term, that would be great. When it first loads, you have to add your accounts. Press the alt key, and go down to accounts.

Anyway, have fun. It's portable so if you don't like what I've changed, feel free to change it.

below the link, I'll explain how to change that startup message.

Download from Google Drive.

Changing the startup message.

  1. After Miranda NG Loads, press alt.
  2. Hit down arrow until you get to options.
  3. after you are in options, hit shift tab. You will land on a tree view. Collapse all expanded sections, then look for the speech section.
  4. After expanding, speak, go to the engine/voice section.
  5. Tab until you hear, welcome message, edit box. Change it to whatever you want.
  6. Tab to, Apply.
  7. Shift tab to, OK.