locked The NVDA Chat Subgroup - An Introduction (Announcement Only)


Hello All,

          Every once in a great while it doesn't hurt to post a reminder about the existence of same, as newer members may not be aware of its existence.  Here's the group description:  The Chat Subgroup is dedicated to the discussion of anything its members want to discuss.  There are no topic restrictions.  Many topics have a technical focus on configuring or controlling specific programs where how to use them, not using NVDA itself, is the primary focus.  Others are purely social in nature.  The Chat Subgroup allows those members of the NVDA community who wish to engage in discussions not focused on NVDA to do so and to keep those conversations separate from the main NVDA group.

The bulk of the conversations on the Chat Subgroup have trended toward discussions of how to use a given piece of software - how to get to specific settings, etc. - that have nothing to do with which screen reader you're using, per se.  But, within the bounds of civility, pretty much any topic anyone wishes is allowed there.  It's a way that members of the community can discuss any sort of non-NVDA topic with other members of the community who have joined and wish to participate in those.

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