StationPlaylist 20.06, accepting user suggestions until end of May #addonrelease


Hello everyone,


StationPlaylist add-on version 20.06 is now available. Besides Flake8 work, this version retires time-based broadcast profiles, Window-Eyes layout for SPL Assistant, among other changes. As always, the new release is available from community add-ons website and via Add-on Updater:




  • Due to an upcoming change to how settings for encoders are handled, 20.06 is a mandatory update for everyone.
  • As some of you may know, I plan to hand over the add-on to the NVDA community next year in hopes that folks can improve it. As a preparation for that, I’ll be switching the add-on to bug fix mode this fall. Before doing so, I’m interested in gathering suggestions about the add-on from you so I can think about them in coming weeks. But you need to hurry: the deadline for submitting feature suggestions is May 31, 2020. You can submit feedback via NVDA-SPL mailing list or to me privately (email or Twitter; my Twitter handle is @joslee). By end of summer, I’ll let you know if your suggestions can be done.