Accessible software to backup files

Marco Oros


Do You know some accessible software with NVDA to backup files?

Thank You.


blago blago <blago37@...>

Caution! Backup your data before using my manual!

Hi! I am using ln.exe. It work much faster and backups don't take so much space on disk then if you just copy and paste folder . You can read about this program here
but it is hard to read. Download program at

Unpack to C:\Program Files\ln.
Move file C:\Program Files\ln\bat\DeLoreanCopy.bat to folder C:\Program Files\ln.
Open folder C:\Program Files\ln
Create file backup.bat here. Open it with notepad. Write to it next two lines:
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\
DeLoreanCopy.bat D:\health E:\backup_folder

Now every time when you run backup.bat it will copy D:\health to E:\backup_folder
Off course you should change folder names to yours. This folder names only for example.

When you run backup.bat it will open command line window. When this window dissapear the backup is done.

You can make shorcut of backup.bat to desktop.