An important announcement about Enhanced Touch Gestures add-on: major features to be removed in a future add-on release


Hello all,


At least I’m almost done with the summer vacation (yay)… Thanks for all your encouragements.


The following announcement is for users of Enhanced Touch Gestures add-on:


A future version of NVDA will include two major features from Enhanced Touch Gestures add-on, namely the ability to toggle touch support from everywhere and a command to do just that. These two features were added in Enhanced Touch Gestures add-on back in 2017. Three years later, these features are being reviewed for inclusion in a future version of NVDA.


However, there is one more feature that’s part of the add-on that must be discontinued due to the above changes: touch passthrough. You can ask NVDA to suspend touch gestures for up to ten seconds. However, now that there is a possibility that touch gestures support might be turned on and off with a keyboard command, there is no need for automatic touch passthrough. As a result, this feature will be removed from the add-on.


To help with this transition, the following will happen in Enhanced Touch Gestures 20.07 and later:


  • A dedicated keyboard command will be added to toggle touch support (or rather, invoke touch passthrough). This is so that when the version of NVDA with that command shows up, it would be easy for you to toggle touch support from everywhere without learning a new command. Tentatively this will be assigned to NVDA+Shift+T but that can change (I know that there are add-ons that are using this command; but if an NVDA feature requires this command, NVDA should be given priority).
  • Automatic touch passthrough feature is hereby deprecated; it’ll be removed in a future add-on release.
  • The only things you can really configure from Enhanced Touch Gestures settings panel are touch support toggle and touch passthrough. As these features are being removed from the add-on, there is no need for this. Thus Enhanced Touch Gestures settings panel will be removed in add-on 20.07 except for users of older NVDA releases where there is no way to toggle touch support easily.


Because these changes require quite a long time to test, Enhanced Touch Gestures 20.07 will be delayed by up to a week (originally planned for early July). In the meantime, I’ll release version 20.06.2 to address compatibility issues discovered during testing (and for some of you, 20.06.2 is the last version where Enhanced Touch Gestures settings panel will be shown).