Locked interested in website where community can work together to build a list of accessible programs?


This is something that is often done, for various reasons, in this case the reason would be accessibility.  And since, when it comes to accessibility, things have a tendency to "go both ways," previously inaccessible becoming accessible and vice versa, it could be useful if it gained traction and were maintained.  Mr. Kingett's statement is echoed by myself in that it goes without saying that all software must be 100% legal.  There has already been one group formerly hosted on Groups.io that got shut down because the majority of their traffic was the discussion of cracked software.

That being said, this topic is not specifically about NVDA at all.  If any further discussion is desired, please start a separate topic on the Chat Subgroup.  This topic is now locked.

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Would be a lot better than that github wiki page. As long as it's legal, I'll take part in it. No posting cracked software, etc.

Christopher Pross <chpross42@...>

Hi huys,

a simple question, would you use a website, which allows you to post a program, which is accessible and rate other posts from other users? This programs would be categoriesed and would have a download link and so on.

Or do you don't like such a concept?