StationPlaylist 20.07 released, sneak preview of 20.09, the next long-term support release #addonrelease


Hi all,


StationPlaylist add-on 20.07 (stable) is now available. This version includes bug fixes and changes that will be utilized fully in future add-on releases. In addition, you can now press Control+F9 from SPL encoder window to connect all encoders. As always, the new add-on update is just an add-on update check away.


IMPORTANT: if you are using SAM or SPL encoders, the command to label encoder labels (F12) is gone as of this release. To label encoders, press Alt+NVDA+number row 0 to open encoder settings, and enter the label from “encoder label” field and click OK.


Speaking of future add-on releases, you’ll see two notable releases in the next few months:


  • 20.08: this version will include scoped set of optimizations from the next long-term support release, along with updating various localizations.
  • 20.09-LTS: yes, you read it right. Version 20.09 is the next long-term support release, and will be the last series to support Studio 5.20 and old NVDA technologies. Unlike past long-term support releases, 20.09.x will be supported until June 2021 at the earliest. This can change based on what happens with add-on maintenance next year.


In addition to being the next long-term support release, another job of 20.09 will be showcasing refactored add-on internals. Until now various add-on features such as moving between columns in playlist items in Studio and Track Tool didn’t really move to next or previous columns – the add-on only announced column content. Subsequent tests found that this mechanism didn’t allow the add-on to be used by low vision users, and the internals didn’t quite align with how NVDA manages to navigate tables. There are also parts of the add-on that didn’t quite fit Python coding best practices.


The goal of upcoming 20.09 release is to resolve these issues and more. To give you a preview of what’s being done:


  • When you move between columns in playlist items found in Studio, Track Tool and such, it’ll feel as though you are interacting with a table. The biggest beneficiary of this change will be low vision users who can now use magnification software to read track item columns more easily.
  • Certain old assumptions found in encoders support is being refactored (no user visible changes).
  • And many more.


If you want to test preview features, subscribe to development channel (NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Add-on Updater/Prefer development releases). Note that development snapshots might be unstable at times.