Insert function dialog in Excel 2016: Autocomplete edit box working with JAWS but not with NVDA (user report)

Iván Novegil

Hi all.

An user has sent us an issue I haven't been able to reproduce, with Excel 2016, and before openning it on GitHub I would like to have your thoughts on this, specially in order to detect the reproducibility pattern.

When this user opens the Insert function dialog (Formula ribbon), the focus is in the "Find a function" text box, that allows to write part of the function name and find it after pressing the "Go" button. However, the user says that when using JAWS she can move up and down directly from the text box to navigate around the result lists, as if it were an auto-completion edit box.

I don't have JAWS installed so I tested it with Narrator, and the description for the field is clear, something such as "Type function's name and press go", so no auto-completion facility there.

Could this be a special JAWS setup for this dialog or maybe a text box which has changed from Office 2016 to 365 removing auto-completion? I'm particularly interested on those of you who have Office 2016 installed.

Thanks! Regards.


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