Looking for a *very specific* method of captioning

Jesse Farquharson <jesse100rules@...>

Hello folks.

So, I'm looking to start something, and what I want to do is have the speech NVDA outputs captioned. I want it to overlay a video, but rather than traditional captions (remaining on screen until whatever is being spoken is finished), I want each word to appear on screen, then disappear, one by one, as they're spoken. I'm assuming this is pretty far out. I'm assuming no one will be able to advise me on something this safisticated, but I thought I'd try asking anyway.

Any help would be appreciated.


I don't even think you would be able to do this, in any meaningful way, if you're talking about NVDA in continuous speech mode reading sentences.  If I list were being read, where there was sufficient time to present and remove each word in caption, it could work.  It's not going to work at any speech rate that approximates natural speech.  You couldn't even consciously register individual words that would flash that briefly.  It would be like the experiments decades ago on subliminal suggestion.

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Jesse Farquharson <jesse100rules@...>

Hey Brian,

Not being able to register the words flashing on the screen isn't something I'm too concerned about. It's a changing visual that would give folks something to look at.

I'm guessing, like I said, that there's no way to do this?

If not, could anyone recommend something pretty/calming that I might loop... assuming I can even figure out how to do such a thing?