Welcome to NVDA 2018: part 3 (All about objects) posted


Hi all,


Welcome to NVDA 2018 part 3 (All about objects) is now available from:



Again just like the first two parts, each topic is its own file.


Changes from 2015 edition:

  • Introduction to objects: now named Objects, Properties and Hierarchy.
  • Developer info for navigator object: now covered early (NVDA+F1).
  • Object navigation example: Windows 10’s Settings app is used as the example.
  • Review cursor: used Microsoft Word as the example. A note on the fact that formatting announcement (NVDA+F) depends on where review cursor is at is included. A reminder to press NVDA+F10 twice to copy review selection is noted.
  • Review modes/scope: combined into one file. Includes examples of apps where screen review works (Control Panel) and doesn’t work (Microsoft Edge). A reminder about the chosen review mode staying across apps is noted.
  • Mouse and touchscreen navigation: virtually no change, although examples are different.


If you are looking for Windows OneCore (Microsoft Mobile) voices in action, this is the part you don’t want to skip. Hopefully next week, I’ll show you what Microsoft Edge ‘sounds” like. In the meantime, Merry Christmas (an early one from your servant).