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Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Calling all you Excel experts!


I would like to insert a custom list into a range of cells in Excel 2010 running on windows 10 with NVDA 2016.1.


I can make a custom list and save it under the Advanced tab where I can see the new custom list fine. However, when I go to the spot where I want to insert the custom list, I first type the first element from the list in the starting cell and highlight the rest of the cells to be filled in. I then press alt>h>f>i>s and hit OK but nothing happens!  This key combination works fine if I am filling down a column of cells with numbers so that part fo the function is working. Can anyone advise me what to do? Is there some other way to copy in a custom list/ The manuals say to use the fill handle. Is the key combination that I describe here not the same as using the fill handle?


All ideas welcome, please.



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Gene is correct that Shift+F10 generally brings up the context menu for the item with focus.

You may need to use WinKey+B and left arrow until you know that you're on the AVG system tray icon before hitting Shift+F10.

Also, you say you're on a laptop.  You have the very easy option of turning the mousepad on and using the hard mouse buttons.  I have a number of clients who cover the actual pointer manipulation area of the mousepad with a small square of cardboard of the thickness necessary to make it not recognize any touches on their laptop and who then use the native left and right click buttons.