locked NVDA with Eudora?

Ann Byrne

For years I have used NVDA with Eudora easily and quickly. Upgrading today to the newest NVDA version, I find that NVDA no longer reads messages. it reads the list of messages, but not the text when the message is opened.

Any other eudora users out there? Is there a work-around?





            Here's a quote from the Computer History Museum, which now actually owns the rights to the source code for the long out of support Eudora e-mail client:

alas, the last version of Eudora was released in 2006.

It has not been supported since, nor did the hoped-for revival after the source code was open-sourced ever occur.  From the Wikipedia page for Eudora:

Development of the open-source version stopped in 2010 and was officially deprecated in 2013, with users advised to switch to the current version of Thunderbird.

Your best bet is to find a new e-mail client.  And per the group rule, Unsupported versions of any software may only be discussed on the Chat Subgroup, not the main NVDA Group, this topic is now locked.

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