Message of thanks to Joseph and best wishes going forward

Robin Frost

while I understand the thoughts and intent herein perfectly something about it does make me a bit sad. I hope whomever takes the reins leads with as much passion for the task at hand coupled with compassion, a sense of fairness and humility as Joseph has always demonstrated towards us all.
best wishes for whatever comes next for all involved.

From: Joseph Lee
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 11:26 PM
Subject: [nvda] Important moderator's letter: I'd like to request next generation of NVDA enthusiasts to come to the moderator's seat #ModNotice #AdminNotice

Dear members of the NVDA International Users list and the wider NVDA community:


For some, change of generation is a scary thing, while others would say it is a wonderful way to reflect upon our past and think about the future. As a moderator of this list and the chair of the NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee, I had a chance to think about this today. Specifically, I was struck by the following thought: If I die tonight, who’ll carry on my legacy and serve as a moderator who’ll shower you with more love than I did?


You see, for some time, I thought it is better to let a generational change happen. We now have members of the next generation who are very enthusiastic about NVDA and its community, people who are showing leadership potential and folks who are willing to love and serve you and the wider community. And I thought that this is a good time to carry this out, seeing that some of these new enthusiasts are the ones who are actively involved in promoting NVDA and events related to its tenth anniversary.


Thus, effective May 31, 2016, I’ll step down from the moderator position I held for the past three years. I’d like to request that members of this list hold a list-wide election to elect the new moderator. I’ll remain a member of this list, obeying the new moderator and serving the NVDA community.


Thank you everyone for your support for the past few years.




P.S. My blog post on this decision can be found at: