Do NOT send Test Messages to See if You are Unbounced #adminnotice


Hello All,

            First, and most importantly, this is really not a request.  Don't do it! The glut of test messages on groups in response to the ongoing Google Outage is straining both resources and nerves, and not just on the part of those running the various groups.  For those who want a more detailed explanation, keep reading . . .

Bouncing means that a given e-mail address cannot RECEIVE messages from the service.  You may, or may not, be able to send messages from the very same address that do reach the group whether or not you will ever see them yourself.

What this means is that sending test messages really serves no purpose.  If you are currently in bounce status, you will not see your test message nor any of the responses to same so long as you remain in bounce status.  If you receive any message at all from the group after you've responded to a bounce probe, you're not in bounce status, and there's no point in sending a test message anyway.  Long and short:  Please don't send test messages.

The Google Outage is wider than originally thought, and has been cycling between fixed and not fixed for large groups of Gmail users.  On another group where I am moderator I have watched hundreds of automated bounce probes be generated after members have successfully unbounced themselves because theirs is one of the accounts that "went down again."  If you're getting repeated bounce probes, and you've responded to previous ones, that means your account is cycling between fixed and not fixed, and the minute tries to send the next message to you, and it comes back to the service, you're classed as bounced again.  It's beyond the control of  You can follow the instructions in each bounce probe message you receive or, if you think yours is a "cycling account," just wait until you receive a bounce probe that isn't followed rapidly by others, and respond to that last one.

For those who want to know more about the bounce process, have a look at the following page from the Owner's Manual: 

Pay particular attention to the final sentence:  ! Important: Group owners and moderators cannot do anything to “unbounce” members’ accounts. Members must address the underlying problem themselves. 

The user addressing the problem means just respond to the bounce probes you receive following the instructions in said probe messages.  This whole Google Outage is turning into an ugly merry-go-round.  Unfortunately, these things happen, but blessedly pretty rarely.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 20H2, Build 19042  

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