locked activating actions center notifications

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 11:23 PM 1/4/2021, Brian Vogel wrote:
First, I will tell you that your experience is not limited to you, or
those using the keyboard. The action center has always been flaky,
at least for me.
What then do Windows engineers expect users to do with their notifications? I subscribe to a few newsfeeds. Upon reading one of their notifications, I'm not about to hunt down the exact URL of the story or post for which I've received a notification. that would be like having to push a car or hand-crank a refrigerator.

Second, this is one of those situations where it's easier in many
instances to use my literal ability to see what is, or is not,
happening to solve an issue. If, at some point, you have a long list
of notifications in the action center, and we could arrange a Quick
Assist session with a simultaneous phone call, I can see and listen to
see if I can determine what a root cause might be.
Any time, kind sir. My notifications list is always well-populated, mainly because I can't activate most notifications and keep a few in which I still stubbornly retain hope.

It can sometimes be user error, but sometimes it's absolutely
not. But having actual
examples, currently active, and observing what occurs is the best way
for me to get a handle on why something may be falling through the
cracks.? There are a number of people here who have "been there, done
that" with me, because it was impossible for me to figure out what was
actually happening (or not happening) sans certain visual cues that
mean a great deal when I see 'em.
I dig that. I'm down to talk any time, about this or any of our various sundry outstanding topics. This notification issue frustrates me because there's false advertising going on here. If yall sightlings can click on list items, we should be able to use our mouse simulation keys to do the same. That's their entire purpose. Pressing the mouse button or an assigned hotkey should achieve the same results every time. If they don't,it either means that mouse clicks don't really always activate notifications, or that mouse keys don't accurate replace physical mouse clicks.
I recently read that I could issue a mouse click anywhere on a given notification in order to expand and activate it. So, I've tried moving the mouse pointer via keyboard so incrementally that I thought my fingers would fall off between voiced elements, all to no avail, because clicking any and every which way turned out not to be right.




            As you well know, this isn't an NVDA or JAWS or any screen-reader specific issue, so this is really off topic for the NVDA group.  I only say this because you have elected to topic split, but it's an off-topic topic for this venue.

            You would be well advised to dig into this more deeply with other screen reader users on the Windows 10 for Screen Reader User's Group:

I'll leave this topic open in case you wish to make a final quick response, but whether you elect to do so or not, I'll eventually lock it as it's not on-topic here and the only "special dispensation" for any topic since I've been here has been for that other topic now approaching 200 messages.  I've got to enforce the rules, and the rare exceptions when they're made, consistently.

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