moving a chart in excel office365 with NVDA

Josh Kennedy


I will soon be getting a braille buddy personal braille printer from


I will want to emboss charts and graphs in Excel. What keyboard commands do I use to select and move an inserted chart into its own worksheet, required by the tiger software suite addon in order to emboss the chart with braille labels?





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How to move a specific chart to a new sheet in Excel?

or Copy Chart to New Sheet and Link to Data on New Sheet ...

or any one of a number of results from the search 

Since it sounds like all you want to do is to isolate the chart, not change the data it uses, you will simply do the copying of the chart and allowing it to reference its original data.  Any of the steps about making it use new data on the new sheet will not apply to you, and that's actually far more complicated than the copy.

If you're used to using Excel with NVDA then there's really nothing NVDA-related, per se, about doing this.  It's all Excel commands.


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