Some topic in the main group indicate that they're from chat

Louise Pfau

Hi.  The topic about accessing the bios with a screen reader would be a better example of what I'm talking about.  I didn't realize that messages could be moved from chat to the main group.  I found it when I was reading through the E-mails in my in-box, rather than searching the archive.



Louise Pfau

Hi Brian.  I'm sorry.  It looked like the topic "Chat, NVDA, and Manamon" dated January 12, 2021 was a chat message because the word "Chat" had been placed in the subject line.  I couldn't find another example, because I'm having difficulty limiting the search results from the archive to more recent entries with the text [chat] entered into the edit box.  I was the one who misdirected an inquiry about accessibility with Windows Live Mail to the main group, because in some ways I find Windows Live Mail more user-friendly than the gMail web interface.




Group Owner mail is not sent other than by using the Owner e-mail address:

I'd need examples, as I can't find any instances in the archive of anything recent.

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Louise Pfau

Hi.  It looks like I've received a couple of messages from this group that indicate that they're from the chat subgroup, because the word [chat] also appears in the subject line.  I'm not sure of the titles off the top of my head.  I am not subscribed to the chat subgroup, so I don't get messages from it.  I'm not certain who I should've contacted about this issue, but when you post a new topic on the web interface, it goes to the entire group.  I couldn't find a button to send it to the group owner.  I use the web interface rather than posting through E-mail.