Welcome to NVDA 2018: Preferences part 1 posted


Hi all,


The next installment in Welcome to NVDA 2018 series is now up at http://www.josephsl.net/tutorials under Welcome to NVDA 2018 section. This one is the first part in a two part series on NVDA preferences. Because NVDA ships with a lot of options (at least 110 options available), and to make it consistent with previous tutorial editions, preferences has been split into two parts. Also, due to hardware configuration, two computers were used.


Changes from 2015 edition:


  • Completely redone.
  • General settings: no changes.
  • Synthesizer: audio ducking setting is covered.
  • Supported speech synthesizers: Espeak NG, Microsoft SAPI5, Windows OneCore and Nuance Vocalizer are featured.
  • Voice settings: no changes.
  • Synth settings ring: some clarifications.
  • Braille settings: too many to list, the most prominent ones being cursor shape and focus context changes.
  • Supported braille displays: hinted at changes coming in NVDA 2018.1.
  • Keyboard settings: an example of using skim reading, speech interrupt examples, and spelling error buzzer is mentioned (Popular apps/MS Word segment has an example).
  • Mouse settings: no changes.
  • Saving and restoring settings: no changes.


In addition to the above, the first addendum topic is now available: touch interaction dialog (to make its debut as part of NVDA 2018.1). This topic will be incorporated into the main tutorial once NVDA 2018.1 is released.