a few more examples of math equations consisting only of sequences of characters on the keyboard


Rather than putting a space between to quantities multiplied together such as x y, I represent multiplication by an asterisk. So x multiplied by y would be

Here is an example of an exponent that is a mathematical expression and not just a number.

Y = e(^ x^2 + 3*x + 6^)

The above will be read as y = e begin exponent x exponent 2 + 3x  + 6 end exponent.

Where e is the Euler number.

I neglected to give an example of the way I represent division.

I start the divisor in an equation with a slash. But following that, I enclose the divisor in left parenthesis / and / right parenthesis.

When the reading cursor  encounters a slach followed by a left parenthesis  and another slash, NVDA because of my regular expression will say “begin divisor. It then reads the mathematical expression until it encounters a slash followed by a right parenthesis.  NVDA then says “end divisor.

Y = 3/(/x^2 + 3/)