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In another topic, Luke Davis wrote:  Brian, do you have a website with all of your tutorials and such available, rather than having to push them out any time someone needs one via Google drive? Not that there's anything wrong with the latter, but it seems like it would be easier on you.

The answer to the question is, "No, and that's an accident of history, and there will likely never be one."  I just don't want to have to get into maintaining either a website or a webpage.

However, I was asked pretty much the same question last fall, I decided to take the MS-Word file where I have all the links to these, along with other information I've posted enough times and know will come up again, in a single MS-Word document that is also on Google Drive: Brian Vogel’s End User Collection – Tutorials and more . . .


My private file contains a lot of other stuff not pertinent to these groups, so I couldn't just put it out there.  I also hadn't bothered with even the vaguest arranging of items, as I long ago knew that I put them in that private file and the word(s) I needed to search on to find them.  Things are divided into groupings in the end user version of the file.  I try to remember to add anything I create as time is going by to both locations, though I may have missed something.  But if anyone knows that, at one time or another, I've posted something downloadable about a given program or similar, don't hesitate to ask.  I'll find it in my private list and transfer that same link to the End User Collection if I accidentally omitted it.
And before anyone asks, yes, I am granting myself a dispensation to go semi-off-topic here.  Scads of what I've written as far as tutorials go are NVDA-related, lots of other stuff is not, and there is no point in trying to separate out the two before posting something like this here.  A very great many of my tutorials are screen reader agnostic by deliberate design.  I can hand them to a JAWS user, Window Eyes (out of support, I know) user, etc., and they can still be followed.

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