Problems to read CCleaner Kamo

Ruben Garcia

We are facing one issue, very few users are facing that NVDA doesn't support specific windows application 'CCleaner Kamo', otherwise on same machine other application are being accessible thru NVDA.
It was observed that NVDA is fully supporting the same 'CCleaner Kamo' application build on other Windows 10 systems.

Here are our findings:
- Specific user observed that one 'CCleaner Kamo' application (Windows) is not accessible thru NVDA, however rest of the application's seems fine on the same system.
- This issue specific to one/two users only.
- Desktop application went thru accessibility testing from 10-12 different windows 10 systems and it ran thru all test successfully.
- Also checked that same 'CCleaner Kamo' Desktop application is being accessible thru JAWS/Narrator on same machine where NVDA wasn't able to support.
-When the user clicks in the application it says, "Chrome Legacy Window, Unknown"

Here are the details of the test environment
Windows Machines where facing problem:
Window specification 20H2 19042
NVDA version- 2020.4
CCleaner Kamo app v.

Windows Machines where CCleaner Kamo is working fine:
Windows specification 20H2 19042
NVDA version- 2020.4
CCleaner Kamo app v.-
Thanks in advance