locked windows 11

dennis huckle

I learned from this list a few weeks ago that windows 11 is soon to be upon us.

Although some on other lists dispute that this will be called windows 11.

The main question is will the current version of nvda work with this update of windows or will the new version be the road to go down and when can we expect this to come out of bita testing.

Any guidance from yourselves would be helpful.

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Dennis huckle.




I am going to do the best I can to answer your question before locking this thread, as I am not going to let any discussion of the purported Windows 11 get going on this group.

What some are insisting will be revealed as Windows 11 on June 24th is, in reality, no matter how it's branded, nothing more than what had been scheduled and developed as Windows 10, Version 20H2.  It's been developed as the next Windows 10 feature update, it's been in the hands of Windows Insiders for a while and with the expectation that it would be the next feature update.

Even if this does turn out, via marketing puffery, to be rebranded as Windows 11 it is simply the next update of Windows 10 under another guise, and will almost certainly be delivered like all regular feature updates have been - via Windows Update.

This topic is now locked.

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