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As I expected, Microsoft is already backpedaling about the TPM requirements, and it's already in the tech press this morning that the PC Health Checker is giving inaccurate information and must be updated.
We have collectively been to this dance before.  When Microsoft makes an arbitrary change, like rebranding what was supposed to be the next feature update to Windows 10 as Windows 11, then rushes that announcement and push to market, everything they say for at least the first month is subject to change, often the complete opposite of what's originally stated, secondary to blowback from the embedded user base.
I strongly suggest that those interested in what Windows 11 will really end up requiring in the hardware realm keep your eye on the tech press and/or venues like the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group to see just how fast and furious the backpedaling and changes come from Microsoft in the coming weeks.
All of the above is precisely the reason why I am not going to allow endless discussions about Windows 11 on the NVDA group, ever, but particularly now.  It has nothing to do with what the group is about.  If folks want to have this kind of early speculation that's subject to change on a moment's notice, then the Chat Subgroup is where it belongs.

Discussions of Microsoft Windows are not germane to this group.  As our group description succinctly states:
The central purpose of this group is discussing how to use NVDA.  This includes configuring NVDA's settings or familiarizing oneself with its modes and commands.  Discussions about which programs are accessible using NVDA, NVDA add-ons, NVDA tutorials and documentation, and configuring synthesizers or Braille displays for use with NVDA are also permitted.

This topic is now locked.

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