locked Issues Withhhh Microsoft Edge



         I hate at this point to be "bringing down the hammer" but it is necessary.  Absolutely nothing you have asked about is related to NVDA in any way.  These are questions specific to Microsoft Edge under Windows 10.  Thus, if they are to remain in "the NVDA Group Sphere" you should be posting them on the Chat Subgroup.  A better option would be to ask these questions on the Windows Access for Screen Reader Users group.  Addresses for both of those options follow.  This topic will be locked immediately after I post this, as it is not NVDA-related in any meaningful way.

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Ibrahim Ajayi

I'm still setting up my computer with windows10.
The problem now has o do with my favorites. I did import favorites from a HTML file bookmarks from a HTML file in to favorites, but they can't bee found. I can't findthem in the favorites bar, and I can't find them on my Android phone, despite th fact that sync is turned on.
So, please, what have I done wrongly, andwht am I surposed to do to get the bookmarks in to the favorites. I imported this same bookmarks in to firefox.
Please note that i copied the bookmarks by activating the favorites settings, and then activating the import and export options. I did activate the import from file option to copy the file.
Hope my issue is very well understood.