Windows App Essentials 21.09 #addonrelease


Hello all,

Windows App Essentials 21.09 (stable channel) is now available. If you happen to be using Add-on Updater, an update notification should be going out about now, informing you that one or more add-on updates are available. Key highlights of version 21.09 include improved support for Windows 11 and localization updates.


Key changes:

* On systems running Windows Server releases such as Server 2022, a warning dialog will be presented when installing the add-on as most modern apps such as Microsoft Store are not present in server systems, thereby limiting add-on features.

* When using Add-on Updater to update this add-on on unsupported Windows releases, the warning dialog will resemble the one shown when installing the add-on manually by being specific about minimum supported Windows release.

* Calculator: added support for redesigned Calculator (version 10.2109) included in Windows 11 (preview).

* Calculator: removed memory and history item workaround in Calculator 10.2109 as these items have labels.

* Modern keyboard: in Windows 11, it is no longer required to press the Escape key twice to close combined emoji panel and clipboard history.


IMPORTANT: to remind you that Windows 11 is in preview, if you try to install Windows App Essentials 21.09 on Windows 11, a warning dialog will be presented. This warning dialog will be gone as early as October.

Speaking of October, the next version of Windows App Essentials add-on is under way. Due to changes introduced in NVDA 2021.2, the add-on will require the upcoming NVDA version. Because of this, the upcoming add-on release is scheduled for early October, and if you would like to use Windows 11, you need to wait a while – NVDA 2021.2 supports Windows 11 (preliminary at the moment), and so does the next version of Windows App Essentials (21.09 will work, but the next version is better optimized for Windows 11).

Enjoy the new add-on release.