Is Acquia Dev Desktop accessible with NVDA?

Amelia Anne Dickerson

I am very much a beginner with website development, but I’m going through a LinkedInLearning video on Drupal 9 where they used Acquia to teach Drupal 9. I found 1 result in several Google searches that said it wasn’t accessible with JAWS, but that was all the way back in 2017, so I’m looking for more up to date info as to whether anyone has used it more recently. If you aren’t using Acquia, can you tell me a more accessible way to host a website through Drupal 9?


I’ve used NVDA for several years now, so I’d say I have moderate skill level with NVDA.


I’m doing this to become more competent at working with our website that will probably transition to Drupal in the next couple months 9 at  work, and since I’m doing this just to train myself, a free hosting option would be great. In other words, I’m just creating a website to play around with everything they teach in the video, not truly one to publish.


Like I said, I’m a beginner at websites like this, so I appreciate any help anyone can offer.



Warm Regards,

Amelia Dickerson

Digital Accessibility Office