Looking for assistance,FW: Creating Accessible Documents, and screen reader you can test with.

Judy Jones

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Hello Listers,


I am seeking assistance for our church’s publication staff, as they are interested in making their Adobe and Word documents accessible with NVDA, yet I haven’t the knowledge on how to help.


I am needing to fill out my own quarterly reports for our Missionary Department, and the Ministers Report is one my husband will be needing to fill out as Evangelism Coordinator.


I have sent the publishing representative, Mr. Kryss Barick, the document the NFB uses in its Accessible Boutique for document creation.


I have also sent him suggested links from Vispero on creating screen reader accessible documents.


He did download NVDA, but  is running into snags, and I am not sure how to help him out.


He has given me permission to forward his responses to me, and I will do the same with any replies.


He has a lot on his plate, so I am offering to assist in passing on any responses related to my query.


I am also attaching the original adobe report that is currently on their web site.  The goal is to get all report forms up on site, and the ministers report is one of the first.


Thank you in advance for solutions to help make accessible documents, or the best solution for him.


Judy Jones


From: Kryss Barick <kbarick@...>
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2021 6:53 AM
To: Judy Jones <sonshines59@...>
Subject: Re: Creating Accessible Documents, and screen reader you can test with.


Well, sister, I thought I was making progress until I downloaded the screen-reader. I did my best to follow the instructions to create a pdf that will allow a screen reader to capture the pertinent text with the information you sent yesterday. I added in depth labeling to the tool tip section of each field. After I turned on my Windows Narrator, and it read out each section when I tabbed through as I expected it to with the file when I opened it, but when I installed NVDA this morning, it only gave me the file name and nothing else. It may only be user error, at least I hope so.



I am working with the Minister's Monthly Report, since it will be the first one that needs this treatment. I appreciate you working with me on this. Hopefully we can get it figured out and get to work on everything else from there. I do think that these reports are going to be the most difficult and, therefore, the best to start with. Everything else should be easy after this.


I have attached my most recent iteration of this file for you to check out and see if we are making any progress. Please let me know what you find.


Thanks again.


Kryss Barick

Publishing Manager

The Church of God International Offices



From: Judy Jones <sonshines59@...>
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 6:14 PM
To: Kryss Barick <kbarick@...>
Subject: Creating Accessible Documents, and screen reader you can test with.


Hi, Brother Kryss,


This morning I received the document used in the Creating Accessible Documents webinar, see attached.


There is also a free and open-source screen reader you can try, called NVDA.  It was primarily developed for blind people in third-world countries who cannot afford to buy software, but has caught on worldwide.


When using a screen reader, key strokes and combinations are used to navigate the computer, not the mouse.


Thanks so much for all you have done, you have been a highlight this week.  😊


Judy Jones


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