Ordering from BookDepository?

JM Casey

Hey folks.

Has anyone successfully placed an order with Book Depository? I was pretty happy with the way things were going, until the very last moment. Everything seems to be fine from an accessibility standpoint, except for the combo boxes where you’re supposed to select your credit card expiry date. It’s like there’s no text in the boxes at all when they expand. I’m not sure if there’s a changing image or what, but NVDA (latest) acts as if they are empty no matter how I arrow around in them. I’ve tried this with both latest Chrome and Firefox. I’ve also tried an older version of JAWS (2018) and, needless to say really, that didn’t work either/had the same result.

I’ve already contacted them about this problem, but I wanted to send these books off as a gift to a friend in the next few days, so any further information I can give them at this point might be helpful. Anyone know what is up with these particular combo boxes?