Update Checking Error for NVDA and Add-On Updater - Root Cause Identified, Workaround Given, Problem solved in 2021.3 #adminnotice


You know, I have said before, that members of groups such as this have an obligation to be proactive and actually pay attention to the titles of the traffic coming through at the very least.

There is (or was, if you applied the workaround) an issue with getting NVDA to update or Add-On Updater to fetch updates on a selected, but large, subset of machines that was directly linked to a couple of factors, very clearly identified by Joseph Lee in this message:  https://nvda.groups.io/g/nvda/message/88179 sent yesterday.

Shortly before that, he gave a workaround in this message: https://nvda.groups.io/g/nvda/message/88175 

This issue is resolved.  Everyone who is a regular here (and that's many who are still commenting) should know it's resolved, and how to resolve it, if you review group messages, in topics dedicated to this very issue, before posting about it again.

Please, please, start doing that.  Questions about this cannot and will not be allowed to go on for days when the answers have already been provided for those that need them now, and it's been clearly stated that the underlying issue will be corrected as of NVDA 2021.3.

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