locked As Concerns Windows 11 Installation


This is a question that is off-topic for the NVDA group.  It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with NVDA.  This topic is locked as of the posting of this message.

It either belongs on the Chat Subgroup or, better if you're seeking answers regarding Windows-related topics as a screen reader user, the Windows Access with Screen Readers Group (Formerly: Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group)

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What I wrote above is not aimed at Ron, specifically, but the membership in general.  The main NVDA group is not going to become a Windows 11, Windows Feature Update, or anything else directly related to Windows but utterly disconnected from NVDA group.  Please lets nip this trend in the bud, now.


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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

So with all the discussion of Windows 11 installation and functionality, i decided to check for updates and install Windows 11. The first thing I did was to download a file that is supposed to determine whether or not my system will support Windows 11. The file is called: WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.exe.

I did this, ran it and it approved of my current system. Then I went to the Windows update on my system and saw that Windows 11 was indeed available for my system. I click on the download and install button and after several minutes, I was prompted to restart my computer. After another few minutes, my system booted successfully and I received the message: "Updates are being installed; please don't turn off your computer.'  After several more minutes, this message went away and everything ran fine.

...Except when I opened the start menu and typed in Winver and pressed enter, Windows informed me that I was still running Windows 10.

When I checked Windows update, it now says that I am up to date.
What happened?

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