NVDACon International 2016: Testimonials, testimonials and more testimonials


Dear members of the NVDA community around the world:


NVDACon 2016 is less than a month away. Because NVDA is your screen reader, we the organizers of NVDACon and NV Access would like to receive testimonials from you. It could be anything: how NVDA has been utilized at work, NVDA and employment, education and so forth.


To send testimonials:

Please send them to

If using Twitter, send them to @nvdacon.


Testimonials can be in text or audio format (if audio, please make it under five minutes). We’ll receive testimonials until close of NVDACon (we guarantee anonymity), and some of these will be featured as part of the conference closing/testimonials session.


Looking forward to receiving your testimonials. Thank you.




Joseph S. Lee

Chair, NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee