Check out this video to learn how to insert page numbers in MS Word with NVDA (Microsoft UI Automation)

Giles Turnbull

Thank you for that video :) I wish I'd known that two years ago when I did a Masters degree and needed to make sure each page was numbered. I ended up asking my mum to confirm that pages were numbered correctly and that every page was not numbered as page 1!

Reminds me of the joke about a violin student announcing that he is going to play Paganini. The teacher listens and then looks at the music. "That's not Paganini ... it says Page Nine" ;)


TheeQuinn Public

I have just posted a new video that shows how to insert and format page numbers in Microsoft Word with NVDA. Have you ever tried inserting page numbers and every page is saying "1"? Well, I have found a solution. I show you how to navigate your headers and footers with Microsoft UI Automation. Check out this video :