locked Admin's Note: Eloquence, Tutorials, Providing Feedback and Answers to Questions #adminnotice

Nimer Jaber

Hello all,

I'm seeing some trends lately that I feel need addressing. If you disagree, please send emails to nvda+owner@nvda.groups.io, as this topic will be locked.

  • Eloquence: This topic has been discussed to death. Unless you are using a purchased copy of Eloquence, or you obtain it by purchase, it is not legal, and will not be discussed here. NVAccess is on board with this. Please do not post anything re any free Eloquence add-ons, libraries, etc. Anyone repeatedly doing so will be placed on moderated status, and continued violations may result in a ban. Cracked software in general is not permitted on Groups.io, and certainly not here.
  • Recently, an individual posting tutorials to this list received some unkind feedback. Whether feedback is legitimate or not, the individual in question is taking time out of their day to create helpful tutorials for the benefit of us all, and any individual doing that does not deserve the treatment they have received on this list. Moreover, sending tutorials to this list is permitted, as long as content pertains to NVDA. Usually, there is no reason to provide a response to such a post. If future tutorials are sent and are greeted with the kind of reception that this past one received, we may very well inact a policy that any posting of tutorial will immediately be locked.
  • This list aims to be a helpful resource. We have surpassed 1,500 members, and everyone is here to engage in the wider NVDA community. When posting, please reflect whether your post adds value to anything being discussed. There are a couple of individuals who post who don't typically contribute much value to anything they post. Please reflect on what you are posting, and ask yourself what your message adds to a discussion. If it is simply a one-line two-word message, it is likely not necessary. Also, I do believe that each individuals should be responsible for doing a bit of research whenever they post a query, and it is good practice to say what research you have done, or what things you've tried so that we don't cover ground you've already covered. It is also incumbent on each person to try to read through an entire thread before responding, to make sure that they know what has been answered. Moreover, while research is encouraged and requested, if your only response is to tell someone to "Google it" without providing links to references, your post is not welcome, as it simply isn't helpful. It's fine to point someone to resources. It is not okay to simply tell someone to Google it. If everyone Googled things, read the manual in its entirety, and listened to existing tutorials, we would have very little to no traffic, and this list would likely not have a reason for existing.

Thanks everyone.


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