New add-on to access offline dictionaries

Rui Fontes


Released Dictionaries add-on on version 21.11:

• Authors: Rui Fontes, Ângelo Abrantes and Abel Passos do Nascimento Jr.
• Updated in 19/11/2021
• Download stable version:

• Compatibility: NVDA version 2019.3 and beyond

This add-on provides a quick way to access, so far, 21 dictionaries:

• English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English;
• French-Portuguese and Portuguese-French;
• Italian-Portuguese and Portuguese-Italian;
• German-Portuguese and Portuguese-German;
• Spanish-Portuguese and Portuguese-Spanish;
• English-Spanish;
• Englis (Concise Oxford dictionary);
• Portuguese (meanings) (in portuguese);
• Portuguese (synonyms) (in portuguese);
• English (synonyms);
• Spanish (RAE);
• Chemical (in portuguese);
• Medical (in portuguese);
• Philosophy by Nicola Abbagnano (in portuguese);
• Psychology by Raul Mesquita and other (in portuguese).
• Computing (in portuguese).

In order not to overload the extra, only the Portuguese, English and between these two languages dictionaries are available.
The remaining can be downloaded through the extra itself.
We are receptive to include other dictionaries. So, if you desire to add a dictionary, contact one of the authors.

The command to invoke the add-on is Control+Shift+F6.
It is possible to change it in the Input gestures dialogs, in the Dictionary category.

Version 21.11
• Added more dictionaries;
• Changed the search routine to not be sensitive to capitalization;
• Changed the presentation of results, now allowing you to choose to search again, copy the result to clipboard or exit;
• The extra is provided only with the English, Portuguese and between the two languages dictionaries, and it is possible to download the others using a button on the interface;
• The dictionaries are stored at

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team