solution info about status bar not sounding

mehmet çetin


hello friends, a friend of mine has a problem, I would like to thank the friend who read the text below and produced a solution in advance.
Hello Friends, I am using NVDA 2021.1 version installed on my Asus Expert Book computer with windows 10 pro installed. Active plug-ins: Advanced phonetic reading, extended global commands, plug-in updater, two vocalizer plug-ins that make the yeldan work. Apart from these, there are no active plugins and no disabled plugins. So only the add-ons I have listed are available. In NVDA, the device is in the laptop keyboard layout and since the device does not have numpad keys, the FN key + arrow keys are used as home, end, page up, page down keys. In other words, when the status bar information should be pronounced with the insert + shift + FN + down arrow key, when I go into any folder and press this key combination, NVDA says "Status bar properties view modes". It does not read the status bar, that is, the number of files in the folders, whereas jawsta reads the status bar information without any problems. So I think the problem may be caused by NVDA. "Status bar line not found." also when playing media in Pot Player. he does not voice the time information of the media. In Jawsta this is also voiced smoothly. I am using NVDA 2021.2 version portable on my Asus computer with Win 7 and it still reads the status bar information in other places without any problems, although it still does not sound the duration of the media in Pot Player. It's interesting that NVDA does this on a Win 10 device. Also, when I open the media with Pot Player on the device with win 10 installed, as soon as I open the media and when doing things like pausing and rewinding, it says "Status bar" and I found it very strange. Saying "Status bar" every second is pointless, despite the status bar information it can't read. I've never played with the settings of the plugins, nor have I made any unusual adjustments to the settings in the preferences. I wonder what should I do for NVDA to read the status bar on a device with win 10? Thanks guys for helping.