problem in using zoom with nvda

udit pandey

hi group,
hope that you all are well
I had a problem with zoom when I was using it with my bluetooth headphones on my pc
I started meating suddenly, my nvda stopped working it diddent speak anything I tried restarting nvda still it was same but I could here other background voices.
same case was with narrator also.
but somehow I ended the meating then nvda worked perfectly is there any solution for this problem I am using nvda latest version windows 10 and the latest version of zoom

Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías

Hi all!

When you have Bluetooth Headphones connected, Windows created an extra device of headphones with microphone and a name that depend on the device. Zoom Tray select the correct device for listen and talk but choose this without take the option system default by default. The problem of this new device is that when an application uses it, the rest of the audio send to another device (Bluetooth Stereo) is mute.


You can open Zoom, go to the settings and in the list of categories select audio. Press tab after of select audio, change input, and output device to system default.

Other solutions are change the output device of NVDA (NVDA + control + s, press tab and select Headphones with Microphone), but you only can listen NVDA and the meeting in this case and with low quality like a phone call.



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