Golden Cursor


I am using the NVDA 21.3 version and have downloaded the latest version of the Golden Cursor addon, which raises some questions for me.
In the Golden Cursor settings in the NVDA menu, there is a check mark next to "Announce new mouse coordinates as soon as the mouse moves". However, when I move the mouse, I hear nothing. Even with the key combination Windows+NVDA+S I can't seem to change anything. I do get a message that the function is switched on or off, but even when it is switched on I do not get the desired information. I can have the pixel coordinates announced via Windows+NVDA+P, but with Shift+NVDA+I I cannot seem to save the coordinates or assign them to the active application.
Even when I navigate on the button in a browser and want to save the mouse position of the button, nothing happens with Shift+NVDA+I.
With Windows+NVDA+C I guess I can switch between some units; but what are they? I only get incomprehensible numerical values...
If I press NVDA+Windows+R, the mouse movement is supposed to be restricted to one application; however, I can still move the mouse as I like...
Can someone explain this to me or have I misunderstood something?
I would be very grateful for your help/explanations!