Questions about StationPlaylist Add-On



I have installed the most recent version of the StationPlaylist add-on (21.11) that I am discovering and despite looking at the documentation, I still have a few questions.

First, regarding the start and end of track alarms: I am unable to use this feature which would be very useful to me. In the spl parameters, the boxes notify when end of track is near and notify when end of intro is near are both checked, and for both the seconds are set to 5. The notification list box for l alarm is on beep and message but even if I choose one or the other individually it still doesn't work. Note that I have set the microphone alarms to 0 (disable). Also be aware that the files I tried to use this feature with had intro and outro values ​​added with the Track Tool. So I don't understand why I don't get any indication at the start and end of the track.

Second problem: I cannot use the cart explorer. As indicated in the documentation, in the Station Playlist studio window, I press the ALT + NVDA + 3 keys, the speech synthesis indicates to me that I have entered the cart explorer but when I press a key or a file has been programmed beforehand, I have the message cart not assigned.

Moreover, I also see another issue with the cart: sometimes after pressing a key and the file is finished playing, the screen reader says to me: (next creation, Monday, January 10, 2022) this same message read at the end of playlist creation. It is sometimes confusing to hear when I have to speak at the end of a bed, for example ...

Finally, I end this long post with a little suggestion for the module, which I think would be interesting to implement. If possible, I suggest that you add a shortcut that would indicate the remaining time of a file played in the cart. Something like the shortcut (CTRL + ALT + T) which tells us the remaining duration of a file played in the main player, except that this one would indicate the duration of the file played in the cart. What do you think ?

Thank you for taking the time to read me and sorry if any part of my post does not seem understandable to you, I do not speak English and I have to use translation software to translate this message.



IMPORTANT: as you read what I wrote, keep in mind that I am no longer maintaining StationPlaylist add-on (for now).

What is the version of Studio you are using? If you are using Studio 6, please DO NOT use add-on 21.11 - please use add-on 22.01 which provides improved (albeit limited) support for Studio 6. At the moment StationPlaylist add-on 22.01 is not available from community add-ons website, but I can assure you that this release was queued for distribution on community add-ons website not long ago. If you are using Studio 5.x, I may need to look into it if and only if the NVDA community does not find someone who will maintain StationPlaylist add-on in several months (I say this so whoever decides to maintain the add-on can step up and resolve this for you before I revisit this issue).

Regarding announcing remaining time for carts, it won't be possible to assign Control+Alt+T command since carts can be played on top of the track you are playing (if I remember correctly). It is indeed possible to obtain the remaining time for the playing cart and add a command to announce this. My hope is that whoever decides to maintain StationPlaylist add-on would implement this feature request, and as I said above, if no-one volunteers to step up in several months, I will do it but as a last resort.

As for NVDA not announcing the name of the assigned cart in Cart Explorer, I need a debug log from you (write to me privately please) no later than January 10, 2022 so I can determine what's going on.