In praise of the NAO (NVDA Advanced OCR) addon

Devin Prater

Hi all. We got an inaccessible, 500 page PDF at work we needed to make accessible. This came from a place that should have known much better to even create inaccessible PDF's, let alone send them out. Anyways, the PDF was password protected, so we couldn't just send it to Adobe Reader and convert it to word format. So, after grabbing the latest version of NAO [nao 2022.1.2 (stable)], which was released in 2022 and now shows page number progress as the document is being scanned, I tried it out and it worked! So I just selected all the text, copied it, pasted into Word, and there we go!
So, if the person who developed this addon is here, thank you so much for this, and I've donated to show my appreciation in more than words.
Devin Prater


Not an NVDA Add-On, that's for sure, but for anyone who wants to add a text layer directly to an image scanned PDF (or PDF that contains text that's somehow not accessible) and save that permanently as part of the PDF file, see my now ancient tutorial:  Using Tracker Software’s PDF-Xchange Viewer to OCR Process Image Scanned PDFs

Still works like a charm, and they have free language packs for something like 20 languages in addition to the 4 that come built-in to their OCR engine as shipped.  It does not, however, language switch.  It's presumed that the document being OCR-ed is in one language.

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