Add-on release updates: Windows App Essentials 22.03.2, more add-ons becoming compatible with NVDA 2022.1 #addonrelease


Hi all,

Two add-on updates:

  • NVDA 2022.1 compatibility: as of time of this writing, about 18% of add-ons registered on community add-ons website are compatible with NVDA 2022.1. Also, several add-ons are going through compatibility testing at the moment (at least via development releases), so as far as compatibility is concerned, they are compatible with testing in progress (some of these will require 2022.1 due to changes that affect them). If we add these add-ons, we will end up with 30% compatibility.
  • Windows App Essentials 22.03.2 is now available. This release fixes a double-speaking issue reported by a user who uses latest preview of Windows Terminal with NVDA 2021.3.x. This is caused by changes made to Terminal app itself, as well as NVDA 2021.3.x not including the fix needed to resolve this as people who have worked on Terminal app changes did not anticipate Microsoft releasing the app preview early. This change does not affect NVDA 2022.1 beta users as the needed change from NVDA is included with the beta release.


As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns about add-on compatibility, feel free to reach out to individual add-on developers.