Announcement: Numpad Nav Mode add-on is compatible with NVDA 2022.1

Luke Davis

Hello all

Just a quick note to say that as of version 1.5, which is now available from Add-on Updater and the community site, the Numpad Nav Mode add-on is compatible with NVDA 2022.1.

I know this add-on has gained some users, from the emails I have gotten, but for those who don't know:

Numpad Nav Mode is an add-on which allows the numpad to be switched from its NVDA object navigation functions, to its normal Windows cursor movement functions. This can be done whether you use desktop or laptop keyboard mode.

In particular, I have been told that I should mention that this enables the Jaws-style Numpad Insert Numpad 2 functionality for read to end.

Further small improvements should be coming later this year, and if you desire any feature that it is reasonable to add, I will attempt to do so.

Add-on available at: