Preview announcement: what's coming in Add-on Updater 22.06 and Windows App Essentials 22.06, short-term add-on release plan


Hello all,

Although I’ll provide details soon, I figured it would be best to provide a sneak peak at what’s coming in Add-on Updater 22.06 and Windows App Essentials 22.06 (scheduled for next week at the earliest):

  • Add-on Updater 22.06: no change in functionality between current (22.03.1) version and 22.06 apart from an internal change to a routine used when checking for updates.
  • Windows App Essentials 22.06: this release packs a lot of goodies, including initial support for upcoming Windows 11 features and bug fixes.

IMPORTANT: Add-on Updater 22.06 may turn out to be the last version compatible with NVDA 2021.3.x. This add-on usually requires latest stable version of NVDA, but about once a year, I extend support for old stable release for a little longer so you can install add-ons compatible with future NVDA releases. I expect to release a version of Add-on Updater requiring upcoming NVDA 2022.1 in a couple of months from now. Of course I will provide a notice about this once that happens.

Also, it might be possible that Windows App Essentials itself will skip NVDA 2022.1 altogether (called “version jump”). Recent NVDA alpha builds (which may become 2022.2 at some point in the future) includes major features from this add-on, the most notable being letting NVDA announce Windows 11 Notepad status bar content. Typically I provide support for current and immediate past stable NVDA releases, but if NVDA 2022.2 turns out to be a feature-packed release, then I’ll go ahead and ask you to upgrade to 2022.2 when it is released in the future (to reduce maintenance burden for the add-on). I’ll provide more details soon (perhaps shortly after NVDA 2022.2 beta 1 is released).

Lastly, I hereby announce that there will be no add-on releases (stable and development builds) in June 2022. As I hinted before, I need a break from everything NVDA, and June is the perfect opportunity to do so. Therefore, version 22.06 releases of my add-ons will be the final task before going on vacation. This necessarily means I won’t be able to respond to latest happenings with NVDA and Windows in a timely manner, but rest is what I need more than another countless nights spent on communicating back and forth with Microsoft engineers. I hope to be able to recover most of my energy from the past so I can at least keep add-ons going (I have ended contributing code to NVDA screen reader directly).

Thanks for all your support, and I look forward to presenting version 22.06 of my add-ons soon.