New NVDA Add-on: Speech Logger #addonrelease

Luke Davis

Good morning

Announcing a new(ish) add-on, which I don't believe has been announced here before.

Speech Logger. An NVDA add-on to log speech to a file or files. It can log speech generated on the local machine into a text file. It can also log speech from a remote machine received through the NVDA Remote add-on, either to the same or a different file.

This is probably an add-on that most people will never need, but for those who do need to work with what has been spoken, I don't believe anything has existed to do this before now.
The user who originally asked for this, was especially interested in being able to get a log of what was spoken on a remote machine via the NVDA remote add-on, which does not report its speech via the NVDA Speech Viewer.

More info and download:

This was originally released around May 5th, but I didn't mention it here because it wasn't available on the community add-ons site until more recently.