Does NVDA run on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise?

Mobeen Iqbal

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I'm hoping someone can help. I am working on a project which requires an IoT version of windows. The version they're thinking of going for is Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Does NVDA run on this version of windows? I am not talking about the core version of windows 10 IoT, I'm referring to the standard full version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. I'm already aware that windows 10 core enterprise only includes support for WPF apps, so NVDA probably wouldn't run. Or am I wrong? Also whilst I'm writing. does windows 10 enterprise include support for the windows one core voices? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd suggest you get in touch with Microsoft Windows & Office Accessibility Support (US).  Pick your contact method from any one of the options on that page.  If your preference happens to be by phone, and you're in the USA, then (800) 936-5900.  If you are in the UK, see: UK Microsoft & Windows Accessibility Support WebpageIf you're neither in the USA nor the UK, you can always use your smartphone, start the Be My Eyes app, and choose "Microsoft Accessibility" from "Technical".  Support is only offered in English.

This is information that is most likely to be obtained "straight from the horse's mouth."


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