Braille Voyager

Ilja und Dani


At the weekend I tried again to get the Voyager to run.
Until NVDA 2019.2 I always had the native driver from
used. This worked fine. Here is a link to the archive:

Is there anyone here who can port this code to Python 3?
In fact, it's a kind of interface that NVDA uses with the
Voyager software connects. For example, the connection port must be
select in the
original software.

Another option would be to use Brltty, I'm on that
however, did not progress satisfactorily.
The only version I've gotten the line to work with is
4.4-1. At least brltty finds the line and nvda brltty. So far so good.

At the beginning of the line, the first 2 modules are empty, which is a line
with 70 digits is not a big problem. But the problem is that
when scrolling to the right, for example, these 2 characters are then

Another problem is the scrolling or better display errors. if
I read e.g. on a website with several links down
the first link lnk and the second then lnk lnk ... That's how it is in
a list with the same initial letters. Is the current row
longer than the next one, there is always a remnant of that at the back
previous line on the braille display.
When writing, the line also only shows scrap.
What am I doing wrong?

LG and thank you