Tutorials for using Google Drive with NVDA

Marisane Moruthanyana

Moderator's Note: This topic should be limited to pointing the individual posting to resources for using Google Drive with a screen reader/NVDA. Actual discussion of the use of Google Drive itself, which is what this topic is likely to devolve into without discipline, should occur on the Chat Subgroup. Most of using Google Drive via the keyboard is not screen-reader dependent and, in fact, doesn't require a screen reader to be in use at all.

Good day gentle people

I trust you are all well.

I am trying to cope.

I would like to ask you for an assistance.

I am working with big files and folders and have to share them with my

I know that google drive can help me to do this.

However, due to my little knowledge of drive, I need you to assist me
in finding a step-by-step tutorial on google drive using NVDA.

Your assistance is appreciated in advance.
Marisane: SA


Google has quite a few tutorials on this, and all of them are returned in the top ten search results:  DuckDuckGo search on Google Drive Screen Reader

I could have sworn that one of our semi-regular contributors of YouTube tutorial content, TheeQuinn, had done a tutorial on Google Drive, but a quick check of her YouTube Videos Page indicates I was mistaken.  Still a resource for using NVDA with a huge number of programs and web apps that's worth mentioning.

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