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I will take responsibility, as group moderator, for starting a procession "down the wrong path" for the group by answering the prior desktop shortcut for WordPad topic here on the NVDA group.  That question was not at all NVDA related, but Windows-related regardless of program, and yours is not NVDA-related, but WordPad related.

I have tried, and largely succeeded (with occasional lapses), to drive all non-NVDA-centric traffic to our Chat Subgroup, where the vast majority of messages are not actually "chatty," but asking questions about specific programs just as you have.

I am locking this topic, and strictly because I want to keep the main group NVDA focused.  Yours is an excellent question, but one that should either be posed on our Chat Subgroup, or on the Windows Access for Screen Reader Users Group.  Subscription information for both follows.

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Karl Smith

All this talk about WordPad caused me to put it on my desktop so I can use it for short things. My question is, how can I set it to automatically put documents I save into a specific folder? No matter what I do it seems to save them in my One drive documents folder. I want to change that. Thanks.







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