Locked error notes? in beta? I wonder why.

Curtis Delzer

None of these "error" sounds happened in the release version of NVDA, so why now? Maybe they refer to errors, but no announcement of them happens by NVDA, or maybe the error itself overwhelms NVDA'S announcement?

Anyway, whatever, I am getting the error sounds many times in this beta.

Curtis Delzer
Rialto, CA


On Tue, Aug 9, 2022 at 03:45 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
Anyway, whatever, I am getting the error sounds many times in this beta.
Yes, you are going to be ranted at, because you have been a member for a long time, and this has been asked and answered again and again and again.

In any piece of software, there are "normal errors" that end users are not notified about in the production releases.  NVDA Betas have had, by design, an alert given to the end user of a beta about these kinds of errors being logged, so that they can be aware and check the logs if they're doing heavy-duty testing and wish to look "under the hood."  This is not new.  This has been the case literally for years.

A search of the group archive on ["error tone" beta] turns up information on this by the reams.

I expect, as a matter of course, that members on a group such as this one will pay attention when this information is shared, and file it if they feel it necessary.  And that our membership will, as a matter of course, turn to the archive to see if something has been "asked and answered" before asking again.  This is standard protocol seemingly everywhere but on these groups.  It needs to become standard protocol on ALL groups.

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Those who wish to be offended can be offended. It is long past time that this nonsense of not checking the archives STOPS, particularly when a member is not new here and should have every reason to suspect that something has likely been discussed before, probably repeatedly. It is common courtesy to do so BEFORE you ask a question.

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